Keiser Consulting Can Help You

Resolve Disability Claims

Keiser Consulting evaluates the merits of a disability claim and identifies the most cost-effective solution.

Deliver Effective Accommodations

Our experts develop and implement practical low-tech and high-tech accommodations to help you:
  • achieve substantial cost savings
  • protect your exam's validity
  • improve your employees' productivity

We assess applicants' disability documentation to determine the actual limitations in functioning and carefully match accommodations to identified impairments as required by law.

Prevent Expensive Legal Conflicts

We will help you make fair and appropriate decisions on difficult disability questions.

Our personalized service and expert guidance will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are doing the right thing for your organization and for your testing applicants or employees with disabilities.

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Keiser can Help

“One of your real strengths [is] pulling people together and mediating conflict.”
Director of Training
University Counseling Center
SUNY Albany

“Thanks for this letter. It is very clear and thorough and I appreciate having your expertise behind its content. Well done!”
Executive Director,